Filmkontinent Australien - Vienna Würstelstand

Filmkontinent Australien

April 19, 2019

Get your movie fix from Down Under

Filmkontinent Australien

When: April 4 – June 4
Where: Film Museum
Entry: €10.50

Get yourself cultured (it’s about time, don’t you think) and take in some Australian film. The Film Museum presents 100 years of Australian cinema from April to June and gives us the chance to learn more about this vast continent, besides that it has poisonous spiders and scary, scary sharks (although this definitely remains true). From classics like Crocodile Dundee or the Mad Max tetralogy to some very niche productions that impressed over the decades, this retrospective will make you the ultimate movie expert when it comes to cinematography from the land Down Under. Get the full program and tickets, here

Recommended if you like: Australian film, Australian accent, learning about Australia without actually going over and getting bitten by a deadly spider, niche movies, Crocodile Dundee, nice films, The Film Museum

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