Filmfestival - Fragments of Life - Vienna Würstelstand

Filmfestival – Fragments of Life

September 11, 2020

Filmfestival -
Fragments of Life

Get inspired by a bunch of short films about minimalism and nature

Filmfestival – Fragments of Life

When: MON–WED, September 14 – 16, 6pm–1am
Where: Club–U
Entry: free! Donations welcome!

This weekend, a short film festival is happening at Club–U! Which means you basically get to go to the cinema for free, without having to settle on one film! The subjects of this artsy film festival festival are minimalism and nature! Who knows, maybe this will kick start your passion for one of those things! And come on, that one drawer in your room with all the random shit in it could definitely need some minimalism.

Recommended if you like: getting inspired, finally learning to let go of that one pair of jeans that doesn’t fit but you keep telling yourself ‘one day it will’, throwing stuff into the bins, artsy short films, only owning one pair of shoes, asking yourself if you really want/need to buy something until it’s out of stock

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