Filmakademie Weihnachtsparty – vienna würstelstand

Filmakademie Weihnachtsparty

December 7, 2017

The Film Academy’s Christmas gift to you is a party

Filmakademie Weihnachtsparty

When: SAT, December 16, 6pm–4:30am
Where: Filmakademie
Entry: 3€ ( but if you can afford more, don’t be afraid to donate more)

Apparently these parties by The Filmakademie are legendary, and while we can well imagine it (although we don’t trust people who claim such things), this Saturday is your chance to find out. For those early birds, there is a film screening  and drinks and a feast of talks and discussions all before the DJs get the party started for, what we imagine, is the legendary part.

Recommended if you like: dancing with the stars, legendary parties, the film academy, being a film fanatic, cult classics, calling yourself The Dude, films that’s make you smirk from beginning until end, a man full of class, licking peoples knee caps

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