Film Festival at Rathausplatz 2020 - Vienna Würstelstand

Film Festival at Rathausplatz 2020

June 21, 2019

Eat your way around
the world at Rathausplatz
and catch a movie!

Go to an absolutely Corona-safe film festival in a sweet location

Eat your way around the world at Rathausplatz and catch a movie!

When: until September 6
Where: Rathaus
Entry: free!, reserve a ticket

Ah, the joys of living in Vienna. There is something quite unique going on every summer in this city’s heart, right at the Rathausplatz. Throughout summer, a great variety of concerts ranging from classic Ballett, Operas and Jazz to Pop and dance are shown on a huge screen in front of the Rathaus. For free, we might add.

This year, due to our least favourite aunt Miss ‘Rona overstaying her welcome, you do have to reserve your tickets in advance to save your spot in front of the screen. BUT, you’ll be lounging in loges of either two or four people, just like fancy people in the theatre.

The films begin at sundown. However, there are a plethora of food stands open all day, featuring cuisine from around the globe. You can enter the gastronomy area with your personal QR-Code after a one-time registration and enjoy sitting in the shade, having a Spritzer and waiting for the film to begin.

Even if you are not into the concerts, you might still want to take a little spin around the diverse food-stands on offer. We feel like you can find nearly anything from every corner of this world there – crepes, Pad Thai, tacos, tajine, pastel de nata, burgers (we even once discovered kangooroo meat) and much more. It’s a culinary heaven!

For details & more info, check the programme!

Recommended if you like: hanging out at the City Hall in Vienna because it’s freaking gorgeous and it makes you feel fancy, food and alcohol stands, cosy-ing up for a show next to your hunny bunny, cooling down outside as the sun goes down

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