Fiesta Mexicana am Mexikoplatz - Vienna Würstelstand

Fiesta Mexicana am Mexikoplatz

September 7, 2019

Fiesta Mexicana
am Mexikoplatz

Viva Mexico!

Fiesta Mexicana am Mexikoplatz

When: SAT, September 14, 2pm–10pm
Where: Mexikoplatz

We all know how much those latinos know how to par-tay and dance their sensual and sexy dances, hence why we’re pretty damn excited about the Mexican Fiesta going on at Mexikoplatz this Saturday. From 2pm onwards, there will be a whole bunch of Mexican culture and cuisine stuffed into the festival, including food, dance performance, tacos and cocktails, Mexican handicraft and a Latino band and DJ which will be seeing to the hips swaying and grinding on the dance floor.

Recommended if you like: Guacamole, the salsa, wearing red lipstick, tacos and enchiladas, spicy food, mariachi music

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