Fashionista's best 2nd Hand Market - Vienna Würstelstand

Fashionista’s best 2nd Hand Market

February 9, 2020

Fashionista's best
2nd Hand Market

Snatch fancy outfits at this 2nd hand market

Fashionista’s best 2nd Hand Market

When: SAT, February 15, 11am–7pm
Where: Aux Gazelles
Entry: free!

Do you feel like stocking up your (already huge) pile of clothing that’s been growing on the floor in front of your wardrobe? Don’t worry, the Fashionista 2nd Hand Market at the Aux Gazelles this Saturday has got you covered! You might have enough clothes already but at a second hand market, nobody cares about that and nobody has to feel guilty. Buying second hand is the most sustainable way of shopping after all!

Recommended if you like: getting new clothes that technically aren’t new, enjoying shopping without feelings of guilt creeping up on you when remembering that documentary you watched about the impact of the fashion industry, answering ‘thanks it’s vintage’ when someone compliments your outfit, supporting second hand shops and markets instead of big companies, looking hella funky, saying ‘damnnnnn’ every time you look in a mirror because you look so fine

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