Eyes Wide Shut I : Infrarouge – vienna würstelstand

Eyes Wide Shut I : Infrarouge

November 13, 2017

A light and sound delight on the big screen

Eyes Wide Shut I : Infrarouge

When: SAT, November 18, 6:30pm–8pm
Where: Filmmuseum
Entry: 10.50€ (get ’em here)

As part of the Wien Modern Festival, a quartet from Berlin and an audiovisual duo from Paris will team up to bring to life your sensory receptacles. This Saturday, they will bring together light and sound in a contemporary event to stimulate your mind with video mapping, all on the big screen.

Recommended if you like: beards, smoking a pipe in hipster cafes, turning it sideways and cellooo double bass, electronic music, video mapping, stimulating your light receptacles

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