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Expert Talk “Alternatives Wirtschaften”

March 9, 2019

Expert Talk
"Alternatives Wirtschaften"

Go to a talk on alternative economics at WU

Expert Talk “Alternatives Wirtschaften”

When: THU, March 14, 2:30pm–4:30pm
Where: WU – Executive Academy
Entry: free! Register, here

Get yourself to this expert talk on alternative economies and how they work. And, no, your piggy bank from 5th grade does not count as an alternative economy no matter how much your Aunt Fran added to it when you graduated from high school. You’ll need to go to this talk to learn about the real thing. Don’t forget to register, here.

Recommended if you like: economics, alternative economics, having a piggy bank, getting a large cash gift from your Aunt after high school, wishing you still had all that money you got after high school, learning about traditional and alternative economies, WU

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