EuroPride Family Day at Zoo Schönbrunn - Vienna Würstelstand

EuroPride Family Day at Zoo Schönbrunn

May 28, 2019

Check out various Pride stations all over the zoo

EuroPride Family Day at Zoo Schönbrunn

When: SUN, June 9, 9am–6:30pm
Where: Tiergarten Schönbrunn
Entry: regular entrance prices, check out the prices, online

The Tiergarten Schönbrunn will be joining in on the EuroPride fun and games too when it turns into a colourful place with a LGBTIQ+ emphasis on Sunday, June 9th. Everyone is invited to spend a lovely day at the zoo and celebrate what pride stands for by checking out the Pride stations that will be scattered all around the zoo. There’s plenty for your kids to do besides taking a look at all the cute animals, with free face painting stations, quizzes and photo boxes.

Recommended if you like: your pet, the Lion King, walking all day long, taking your kid on a mini-adventure, looking at animals in cages, owning a snake, talking to snakes like in Harry Potter

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