Être - no. 4 I Mêtropolis - Vienna Würstelstand

Être – no. 4 I Mêtropolis

October 4, 2019

Have a night out and dance ’til sunrise at this party

Être – no. 4 I Mêtropolis

When: FRI, October 11, 11pm–7am
Where: Fluc + Fluc Wanne
Entry: 10€,

Check out this party at Fluc with various musicians ready to fill the night with a diverse music programme giving you the opportunity for both casual dancing AND some crazy footwork-breakdance-shit (that’s a technical term). They’ll be something for you no matter which mood you’re in. That we can promise. For more info, check out their Facebook page.

Recommended if you like: Fluc Wanne, Techno accompanied by instruments, table football, going to sleep after a party on Friday and waking up Sunday morning

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