Ethnocineca 2020 - Online Edition - Vienna Würstelstand

Ethnocineca 2020 – Online Edition

April 29, 2020

Ethnocineca 2020
- Online Edition

Catch some powerful documentaries on your own home cinema

Ethnocineca 2020 – Online Edition

When: THU, May 7–THU, May 14
Where: your apartment
Entry: 3.90€ per film

Ethnocineca is a film festival filled with international documentaries, and it will be coming to you this time around in a special format (like so many things these days) – online! The festival’s central theme this year is ‘Breathe’ and there’ll be a different film relating to this subject made available online for you to rent and stream online ever day throughout the festival. You can find the whole program, online.

Recommended if you like: watching documentaries, bringing some culture into your living room, attending a film festival without changing out of your pyjamas, rolling out a red carpet in front of your couch and wearing a tuxedo when getting ready for movie night

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