eSport Summit 2019 powered by A1 - Vienna Würstelstand

eSport Summit 2019 powered by A1

October 25, 2019

eSport Summit 2019 powered by A1

If you’re into gaming, you better visit this summit

eSport Summit 2019 powered by A1

When: FRI, November 8, 9am–8:30pm
Where: Gösserhalle
Entry: 25€ for a afternoon ticket, 125€ for the all-day ticket

It’s like the G20 summit, but with gamers instead of politicians…we think. Since eSport is one of the quickest growing businesses in the world, this summit is worth checking out, whether you’re a gamer or not. Lots of people that already have a household name in the whole eSports sector will be present. They’ll be holding talks on all kinds of topics around esports, and there will be plenty of Q&A happening. Check out the days program on their website.

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