English Comedy Night at Aera - Vienna Würstelstand

English Comedy Night at Aera

February 2, 2020

English Comedy Night
at Aera

Laugh (in English) at this English Comedy Night

English Comedy Night at Aera

When: TUE, February 4, 8pm–10pm
Where: Aera
Entry: 15€/17€, buy a ticket

Everyone loves a good laugh. At least we think that’s true. We don’t have any actual data on that but we’re preeeeeetty sure. Either way, this night will be full of laughs as these 3 comedians bring their A-game and tickle your funny bone. This time around, it will be with the comedians Ian Stone, Susan Murray, and StandOut.

Recommended if you like: laughing, feeling happy inside, sore ribs from laughing too hard, patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, polka dots, wombats (they’re definitely funny), comedians who live to make their audience laugh, Aera

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