Electric Castle - Vienna Würstelstand

Electric Castle

June 1, 2019

The Romanian Castle goes electric with a stellar festival

Electic Castle

When: WED–MON, July 17–22
Where: Banffy Castle, Romania
Entry: from 125€, buy a ticket

This is one of those festivals you would probably only know about if you’re from the East, a diehard festival-goer, or have Eastern European mates who have dropped it into a conversation. However, this is one very funky and unique festival experience worth knowing about. We use the word ‘experience,’ because it’s not just about the music here, but the whole festival experience. Besides that it’s set in Dracula country, Romanians know how to party. Set against the backdrop of a Castle, this festival earns its praise with a brilliant line-up of DJs and live bands, alongwith a raft of food trucks and a unique festival setup. Check out the detailed programmed and  Check out last year’s festival film, here:

To get there you’ll need to… fly to Cluj! and get one of the organised festival shuttles. Cheap flights are now flying directly from Vienna to Cluj

This festival is special because… our Romanian mates always rave about it, It involves a f*** castle and the overall experience is like no other. 

Recommended if you like: castles, being cliche AF and dressing as Dracula in a Translyvanian castle, mixing going somewhere new with your festival experiences, the unexpected, going to festivals that are more than just the music, partying until the sun rises

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