Ein Stück Abstand - Vienna Würstelstand

Ein Stück Abstand

June 26, 2020

Watch actors perform outside of their comfort zones

Ein Stück Abstand

When: MON & TUE, June 29 & 30, 7:30pm
Where: Yppenplatz
Entry: donations welcome! (8–12€ recommended) Reserve a ticket via kuekenwien@gmx.net

Under the skies of Yppenplatz, the theatre group ‘KÜKEN’ will perform their production ‘Ein Stück Abstand’ outdoors. The play’s theme of distance couldn’t be any more befitting for the current times. If you’d like to enjoy this theatre performance in the setting of Yppenplatz, support the 7 brains behind the art and reserve your ticket on their Facebook page.

Recommended if you like: theatre productions, Charles Dickens, supporting and checking out small theatre companies, that warm, furry feeling that a live theater performance inspires

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