Ein Abend mit Ken Follett – vienna würstelstand

Ein Abend mit Ken Follett

November 13, 2017

Big dog Author presents his latest offering

Ein Abend mit Ken Follett

When: FRI, November 17, 7pm–10pm
Where: Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien – Billroth Haus
Entry: 15€ (available here)

With the  release of his latest book, book three of the Kingsbridge series, Ken Follett is undoubtedly on his way to claiming another classic. Following on from the success of his other books, he will be presenting September’s release, A Column of Fire, this Saturday in both German and English, which is set in 1558, during Queen Lizzy’s 1st reign.

Recommended if you like: reading history books that smell like your grandma, history fiction, stories from Tudor times, cathedrals, spy stories, Ken friggin’ Follett, big dog authors, books so big they need a whole shelf to themselves

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