EDUCATING RITA - Vienna Würstelstand


September 7, 2020

Grab your finest theatre glasses and get comfy for this play at the English theater


When: MON–SAT, September 7–October 17, 7:30pm
Where: Vienna’s English Theatre
Entry: from 25€–48€, buy a ticket

A play turned film, which once won the Olivier Award for Best Comedy in 1980, will be making a comeback onto the stage at Vienna’s English Theatre, and you’ll be able to see it throughout September to mid-October. ‘Educating Rita’ tells the story of how strong one’s resolve can be, to the point that it can impact other people’s life.

Rita, a working-class hairdresser who decided to dive into academia, proves this by inspiring hope to her cynical professor who, over time, is influenced by the positive effects of his student’s resolve.
We’re always game for witty British banter. Reserve your tickets for one of the performance dates on the Theatre’s website!

Recommended if you like: musicals and plays, reciting lines from your favourite movies, an evening full of laughter and crying, pretending to smoke an unlit pipe, letting words wash over you like a warm embrace, people who are smart enough to write relatable words 😉

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