ECLECTIC! The Batz Collection - Vienna Würstelstand

ECLECTIC! The Batz Collection

November 8, 2019

Check out some cutting-edge graffiti and urban art at this new exhibtion

ECLECTIC! The Batz Collection

When: November 13–22
Where: Improper Walls
Entry: Free!

This is an art event presented by Katrin-Sophie Batz who specialises in running Street Art festivals, including those featuring internationally-renowned artists, such as Shepard Fairey, FAILE and Faith47. Here, she’s showing off works from her private collection (us, jealous?) including: Ben Frost, Deso – Broken Fingaz Crew, Laurina Paperina, and Stinkfish. The opening night takes place on November 13, 7–10pm, and it will be up and running until the 22 November.

Recommended if you like: taking selfies next to cool urban artworks, graffiti, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, exhibition openings, seeing peoples’ art collections, El Barto, spraying things on walls, seeing art for free

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