Drop Everything | Ski Movie Night - vienna würstelstand

Drop Everything | Ski Movie Night

January 4, 2019

Drop Everything |
Ski Movie Night

Check out this unusual ski movie

Drop Everything | Ski Movie Night

When: WED, January 9, 7pm–11:30pm
Where: The Loft
Entry: free, donations welcome!

Extreme winter sports is being taken to the next level, with people skiing in more and more wild places, doing more and more crazy tricks and going on adventures that are getting more and more attention. See what it’s like with this rather different movie. They’ve taken on a light-hearted approach to show the passion behind those action-rich scenes. Yep, this is not your usual skiing movie. Check it out at The Loft this Wednesday.

Recommended if you like: adventure, extreme sports, freezing your ass off because you’ve been sitting in the snow a lot, rum in your tea, extreme with your sports, living hard and dying young

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