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Dog Sparkle – der Weihnachtsmarkt für Hund&Katz’

This one’s a Christmas market for cats and dogs!

Dog Sparkle – der Weihnachtsmarkt für Hund&Katz’

When: SUN, December 8, 10am–6pm
Where: 25hours Hotel
Entry: free!

At the Dog and Cat Sparkle Christmas market on December 8th, you’ll have the opportunity to finally get your pet all the treats and presents it truly deserves! If you want to remember this special Christmas market experience forever, they’re also offering the chance for you to get professional photos taken so bring your pet! Maybe even dress them in that Superman costume they like.

Recommended if you like: your dog, spoiling your pet, treating your pet like it was your child, having pictures of your pet on the wall instead of pictures of your partner

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