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Digitalisierung – Mensch versus Maschine

November 29, 2019

Digitalisierung –
Mensch versus Maschine

Listen to this discussion on whether robots will ever fully replace humans in the workplace

Digitalisierung – Mensch versus Maschine

When: WED, December 4, 6pm–8pm
Where: WU – Vienna University of Economics & Business
Entry: Free! Registration recommended

This discussion (which sounds a bit like a Kraftwerk song to us) centres around whether technological advancements are costing people their jobs. Here, the argument will be made that this is not the case, as the specific characteristics of humans to develop and apply new technologies remain indispensable for innovation – we’re still the harbingers of our own progress. While some of their arguments for this contain the word ‘currently’ as robots remain incapable of displaying the intuitive creativity we humans have, will this remain the case forever?

Recommended if you like: technology, robots, thinking – and worrying – about the future, humming Kraftwerk songs on the Autobahn, putting a cereal box on your head and saying “Beep!”, intelligent discussions, panels of experts, the agonising wait for a realistic Sex-bot

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