Der Karneval der Tiere - Vienna Würstelstand

Der Karneval der Tiere

February 8, 2019

Take the kids to a concert!

Der Karneval der Tiere

When: SUN, February 17, 10:30am–
Where: Bezirksmuseum Floridsdorf
Entry: 11€ for adults, 9€ for kids, get your tickets, here

For those people who wake up before 8am on a Sunday – a.k.a. “parents” – there’s a concert for kids (3-8 years old) at the Bezirksmuseum Floridsdorf. There will be live music and crowd participation for this 45 minute show. When we say crowd participation, we mean for the kids. But if Dad wants to join in, more power to him!

Recommended if you like: live concerts for kids, doing something exciting on a Sunday morning, getting out of the house before you all have a breakdown – weekends in winter can be long, watching your kids dance around and enjoy the music, being a super-parent

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