Der Anti-Storch - Vienna Würstelstand

Der Anti-Storch

February 8, 2019

Take in a bit of theater

Der Anti-Storch

When: TUE–WED, February 26–27, 8pm
Where: Theater Drachengasse
Entry: 19€, get your tickets, here

“Don’t step on the crack or you’ll break your mother’s back…” ever heard that one? This play is all about superstition, appetite, and good intentions. For an enjoyable evening of theater get your tickets now for Der Anti-Storch at Theater Drachengasse. Oh, and, sorry about stepping on all those cracks, Mom.

Recommended if you like: superstition, live theatre, new pieces of theatre, going to a live performance, good intentions (as in having good intentions, not the movie with Reece Witherspoon), wearing your best to the theatre, impressing your date

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