Delaney Davidson - Vienna Würstelstand

Delaney Davidson

September 6, 2019

Haunting sounds from New Zealand’s most mysterious multi-instrumentalist

Delaney Davidson

When: WED, September 11, 8:30pm–11:30pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 13.80€, buy a ticket

If you haven’t already heard of New Zealand’s Delaney Davidson, he’s one of those people who puts the rest of us to shame, not only being known for his guitar work, but also for his multi instrumentalism, musical production, graphics, visual art, theatre and film work. He describes himself as ‘part wandering minstrel, part traveling salesman, one foot on the stage and one on the road’. Commanding his own unique realm in the shadowy musical world that some call ‘Country-Noir’ or ‘Gothic Americana,’ you could think of him as a slightly spookier Nick Cave, or Tom Waits.

Recommended if you like: spooky men in spookier hats, musicians who look like travelling salespeople, the sound of a Blues guitar, musicians that know their shit, grungy locations, INDIE ROCK, FOLK ROCK, haunting sounds, ever so cooly closing your eyes and listening to the music.

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