Deeprog Family Session - Vienna Würstelstand

Deeprog Family Session

June 7, 2019

Party like a dirty politician this weekend

Deeprog Family Session

When: SAT, June 15, 11pm–6am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: 10€

There’s going to be a massive party at Das Werk this weekend with live performances and DJs all over the place. (Well, most likely, they’ll just be at the DJ tables. But, you know what we mean.) We’re not going to tell you to go because we prefer to use reverse psychology. So, don’t go! Sit at home on your couch instead. That’ll be fun. Do not get excited, here:

Recommended if you like: Das Werk, using reverse psychology, sitting at home on a Saturday – not, beer and cigarettes, patting people on the back and then running the other way, live shows and DJs

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