Deep Baked im Werk - Vienna Würstelstand

Deep Baked im Werk

July 9, 2019

Let it all out on the dance floor at Das Werk this weekend

Deep Baked im Werk

When: SAT, July 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: TBA

The vibes on the dance floor at Das Werk this Saturday are going to be as ice cold as your ex’s heart. You can work through a few emotional breakdowns thanks to that ex as you move your body to the beat. It will be a lot cheaper than therapy and probably just as effective. Not that we’re speaking from personal experience, but we’ve heard that dancing it out really does help.

Recommended if you like: working through emotional baggage on the dance floor, pictures of geometrical, psychedelic patterns that make you ask all the deep questions, strawberry popsicles, hugging people you just met, Das Werk

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