das techno cafe Opening - Vienna Würstelstand

das techno cafe Opening

October 31, 2019

Das best early evening Techno party of the summer is now happening in winter

das techno cafe Opening

When: TUE, November 5, 6pm–2:30am
Where: Volksgarten
Entry: 8€ normal; 30€–50€ package; get your tickets now!

The Volksgarten is celebrating the ‘das techno cafe opening’ this Tuesday. If you’ve heard of this party before, you may be a little confused. Yes, it’s normally happening in summer, but for 6 evenings in winter, das techno cafe will be throwing a special kind of afterwork party. Tickets will include a all-inclusive dinner and drinks package (including food off the grill and selected wines). They’re cooperating with a bunch of eateries around town to bring you the tasty bites. And guess what – those who turn up can continue on partying deep into the evening after your food has settled.  More details on their FB page. and be sure to book your ticket!

Recommended if you like: the Volksgarten, having dinner with friends, das techno cafe parties, treating yourself at the start of the week, calling up sick on Tuesdays, feeling all fancy going for dinner and drinks

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