Creative Days Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand

Creative Days Vienna

June 6, 2019

Get your creative juices flowing at this 2-day event

Creative Days Vienna

When: THU–FRI, June 13–14
Entry: free! Be sure to register, here

This workshop will have your creative juices flowing and swirling and sloshing all over the floor and onto the person sitting next to you. (Gosh, that got gross.) Sit in on a talk about how to fine tune your Augmented Reality project or take a tour on Music and Technology. There will be so much creativity in one room you won’t be able to get it off of you for days. (Well, our analogies aren’t going well today, it seems.)

Recommended if you like: learning more about creative topics such as design and A.I., music, technology, never picking up your room because you’re a “creative type”, keeping creative hours (a.k.a. never sleeping at night), creative workshops and networking

Make the Most out of Vienna