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Crazy Carneval, the fun of Fasching

February 24, 2019

Crazy Carneval,
the fun of Fasching

Crazy Carneval, the fun of Fasching

Wild, crazy, colourful, fun-filled carneval – we are happy to have you back! We wouldn’t miss a chance to play dress-up for anything in the world, and neither should you. Whether you shake your ass in a David Bowie costume in a club or intend on being a drunk unicorn at a house-party – this is the time of the year to let lose and simply have fun. And on top of that, delicious jam-filled Faschingskrapfen can be found at every other corner of this city. Oops, we just accidentally started drooling.

If you are lucky enough to have the time to travel to one of the traditional Faschingsumzüge in the rural parts of Austria, you should definitely go for it. Seeing those artfully crafted costumes and masks and wild figures who are trying to scare the winter away really is an experience of its own kind.

Tip: Many clubs offer a discount of entry if you come in costume – all the more reason to get in character!

A Fasching party we recommend:

Das große Volksgarten Faschingsfest!

When: TUE, March 4, 11am–6am
Where: Volksgarten
Entry: 13 € (with costume 8€)

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up, living another life, the crazy fun of Fasching, beer and bretzl, country-side mischief, fun for the sake of having fun

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