Concert Laetitia Ribeiro Trio – vienna würstelstand

Concert Laetitia Ribeiro Trio

December 1, 2017

Concert Laetitia
Ribeiro Trio

A little bit of French Chanson to round off your weekend

Concert Laetitia Ribeiro Trio

When: SUN, December 10, 8pm–11pm
Where: Theater Drachengasse
Entry: 9.50–19€ (complicated set of categories available here)

The French always seem to have that little bit of… Je ne said qua, right? And Laetitia is no different. This Sunday’s event maybe classed as ‘chilled,’ but with this singer/songwriters extensive talent, and Chanson vibes carefully combined with many other genres from Jazz to Pop, you may find yourself letting it all go a little.

Recommended if you like: seriously talented musicians performing live, living in the past, dress-up parties, suspenders, old leather brief cases, big band music, Chanson, proper French kissing a French person while holding a baguette

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