Code Poetry Slam Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand

Code Poetry Slam Vienna

June 6, 2019

Check out a poetry slam…for computer coders

Code Poetry Slam Vienna

When: TUE, June 11, 7pm–12pm
Where: VREI
Entry: free!

By now, you probably know what a Poetry Slam is. Now picture that, but just with programmers offering their skills in coding. Stories that are being told through computer language. Not. Dorky. At. All. Still can’t imagine how this is gonna look? We dare you to go find out in person. (Also, we coded subliminal messages into this post so you basically have no choice but to go now.)

Recommended if you like: nerdy stuff, technology, discovering new arts, VREI, Virtual Reality and shit like that, poetry slams with a computer-y twist

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