Climate Kirtag - Vienna Würstelstand

Climate Kirtag

May 23, 2019

Come to this celebration in honor of taking care of our planet

Climate Kirtag

When: THU, September 17, 1:30pm–9pm
Where: Heldenplatz
Entry: free!, register via website

There will be a gathering in honor of living peacefully and respectfully with our planet at Heldenplatz on Thursday. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be there in the flesh! But, before you get too star struck, please remember that the planet is the real star of the show. Get out and celebrate living as well as we can and taking care of the only planet we have. (And, also, seeing Arnie in real life…)

Recommended if you like: taking care of our planet, celebrating living in peace with our environment with other like-minded people, Arnold Schwarzenegger, VdB, Felix Neureuther and other famous people, but mostly the planet

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