Claiming*Spaces Conference - Vienna Würstelstand

Claiming*Spaces Conference

November 8, 2019

Join the international feminist conference about power structures, design, and architecture

Claiming*Spaces Conference

When: THU, November 14, 1pm–10pm
Where: TVFA Halle
Entry: free, but sign up needed

This Thursday, the TVFA Halle from the TU Wien will transform into a conference hall for feminists in the architecture industry. And for those who are interested. This conference will look at topics like women in planning, and architecture, discrimination, the much-needed changes, and many more topics relating to women claiming their space in the industry. The conference will be held in English.

Recommended if you like: architecture, woman’s empowerment, design, and architecture, being artsy and carrying a sketch block everywhere you go, going on strikes, big chunky coffee table books, owning a vagina

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