Circuito Latino - Vienna Würstelstand

Circuito Latino

October 31, 2019

Get your freak on, Latino-style, at this event!

Circuito Latino

When: FRI–SUN, November 8–10, 6pm–4am
Where: Gürtel & Yppenplatz
Entry: free!

Arribaaaa! The Perica Musikverein is hosting a Latino-fusion music festival at the Gürtel & Yppenplatz this weekend. With 16 bands, 7 DJs and different performances, acts and other offerings, this festival is worth checking out if you like the Latino flavour. Find out more about the festival on their website!

Recommended if you like: Latino music, getting your money’s worth from those salsa lessons you took, dancing with hot Latinos, dancing to the rhythm, hips that shake, meeting your Spanish lover, learning Spanish in mysterious ways, getting hit by a Spanish Abuela

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