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Christmas in a Shoebox

November 22, 2017

Give a child a Christmas to remember…in a shoebox!

Christmas in a Shoebox

When: SAT, December 9, 5pm–8pm
Where: Cafe Bitte Mendez
Entry: free!

Every year around Christmas, many of us consider how we can be a little bit better at being a human being. You know… how we can help others more and be a little more compassionate. Christmas in a Shoebox is probably the simplest and most fun way to make someone happy this season. Meanwhile, you will be giving a gift to a child who grows up on much less than you probably did.
Christmas in a Shoebox is a project that sees ready made presents (packed in a shoebox) collected and sent to orphanages and under-privileged villages in Romania. This initiative is all about making sure that as many children as possible can experience the joy of unwrapping a present on Christmas Eve.

Year after year, at the initiative of the organiser, Iulia Muntean, and her friends, more and more people get involved and help with everything from preparing gifts to mobilising others to joining in on this unique project. They organise all the logistics and transport involved in getting those precious little presents to the kids in Romania. Can you imagine the smiles your personal little gift will give that little guy, or girl?!

The drill is simple: take an empty shoebox (or any box) and fill it with goodies you think would make a little guy or girl happy eg. crayons, pens or notebooks, little toys, warm clothing, or sweets. There are no rules, here! Then write on the box who it’s best suited for (boy or girl, and the approximate age). Then turn up at Cafe Mendez in the afternoon on the 9th of December, and drop off your shoe box gift.

Also good to know: there will be an after party! Make an evening of it by staying after you drop off your shoebox gift for some of the tasty drinks that are served up by the handsome crowd at Cafe Mendez. The place will be palpable with good vibes and good music.

Recommended if you like: giving, creating new Christmas traditions, making others happy without asking for anything in return, putting a smile on a stranger’s face, making the world a better place, meeting like-minded people, towers of colourful boxes, kids

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