Christian Muthspiel 4 @Porgy&Bess - Vienna Würstelstand

Christian Muthspiel 4 @Porgy&Bess

July 4, 2019

Muthspiel 4

Catch a unique performance at Porgy & Bess

Christian Muthspiel 4 @Porgy&Bess

When: WED, July 10, 8:30pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: 20€, get your tickets, here

Christian Muthspiel is translating 450 year old Elizabethan Music into Jazz and the result is surprising, uplifting and charming. The quartett are to be seen on the stage at Porgy & Bess for a night of innovative, improv-jazz, where the old meets the new. Check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: An old but new musical genre, Jazz music that gets a little funky, Porgy & Bess, improvised music, quartets, unique performances

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