Catch some comedy - Vienna Würstelstand

Catch some comedy

October 1, 2019

Catch some comedy

Giggle until you snort and a bit of cola comes out of your nose

Catch some comedy

There’s a couple of quality old school comedy acts hitting Vienna this month. If your in the mood for a laugh, we suggest catching one of their shows!

John Cleese – Seven ways to skin an Ocelot

When: SAT, October 12
Where: Globe Wien

Recommended if you like: Life of Brian, British comedians, doing your best British accent, Fawlty towers, humour that’s so dry it makes you cough dust when laughing

Bill Bailey – Larks in Transit Tour

When: WED, October 30
Where: Globe Wien

Recommended if you like: laughing at really wrong jokes, giggling until you snort a little, having your hand on your belly when laughing so you can feel it jiggle, toilet humour, being immature for life



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