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Catch a festive film on the big screen

November 29, 2019

Catch a festive
film on the big screen

Escape on a cold night into another world on the big screen

Catch a festive film on the big screen

When: Check out our list of our recommended cinemas for more details
Where: various locations in Vienna

There’s nothing like escaping into the fantasy world on the big screens on a night when it’s cold outside, and it just so happens that a couple of cinemas around town are catering for those who like watching those same festive films at this time of year, without fail. To name a couple, for instance:

+ As they do every year, Haydn English cinema will screen Love Actually on the 10th and 11th of December.
+ Playing on the 90s trend, the Kino am Spittelberg will be showing the classic, Edward Scissorhands

If you’re like us, and love getting deep and all gooey like into the spirit of the season, we’d suggest you check out the cinema’s programmes to catch a dose of nostalgia on the big screen.

Recommended if you like: draping yourself in Christmas lights, shopping for a Christmas tree, being a big kid, snorting the Christmas spirit up like it’s a white powdery substance, the smell of cinnamon and homemade chicken soup, Die Hard

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