CAFÉ BRAVO von Felix Krakau - vienna würstelstand

CAFÉ BRAVO von Felix Krakau

March 9, 2019

Felix Krakau,
Uraufführung im Schauspielhaus

Enjoy a performance based on the magazine, Bravo!

CAFÉ BRAVO von Felix Krakau

When: March 19 & 26, April 13
Where: Schauspielhaus
Entry: 12€ Get your tickets, here

The largest youth magazine in the German speaking world has a rich history full of unprecedented success, massive lows, and impressive comebacks. This performance will be based off of the magazine in the 90s. Go learn about that decade you’ve heard about from your much older cousin or…er…that you remember yourself. (Wink.)

Recommended if you like: 1990s, Bravo the magazine, German culture, teen magazines that survived decades, incredible success stories in the face of failure, technology, and global change, Schauspielhaus

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