Burgenland Kul(t)inarium - Vienna Würstelstand

Burgenland Kul(t)inarium

May 10, 2019

Get outdoors for some food and live music

Burgenland Kul(t)inarium

When: May 13, 11am–May 15, 10pm
Where: Am Hof
Entry: free!

Doesn’t this weather just make you want to sink your teeth into some Würstel? We knew it. This outdoor festival will have food, drink, live music, and general outdoor merriment in abundance. Get out and brush shoulders with strangers as you all enjoy the wine on your skin and the sun in your bellies. Wait, switch that.

Recommended if you like: outdoor festivals, food – lots and lots of food, getting your wine buzz on, feeling the sun on your skin but only for a few minutes so you don’t get a sunburn, live music, the smell of food cooking, brushing shoulders with strangers

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