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Bruegel-Wochenenden für Familien

January 6, 2019

für Familien

Check out a giant 3-D replica of the Tower of Babel made from blocks

Bruegel-Wochenenden für Familien

When: SAT–SUN, January 12–13, 10am–6pm
Where: Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Entry: free with valid museum ticket!

A team from the block company, Bioblo, has worked together to create a 2.6 meter high model of the Tower of Babel from Pieter Bruegel’s famous painting. Dannnnng. The mothers of all of these team members are patting themselves on the backs for letting them play with blocks for as long as they wanted as children. Come take a look for yourself at the exhibit at KHM and let the kids go crazy with the organic blocks which will be available for open play. If you ask us, the Bioblo team just wants to make the kids feel bad about how crappy their tower is going to look next to the 3-D replica of the Tower of Babel.

Recommended if you like: giant 3-D towers made of organic blocks, organic wooden toys for your kids, Pieter Bruegel, art history, nerds who played with blocks a lot as children, seeing what’s new at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

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