Bruegel - Once in a lifetime - Vienna Würstelstand

Bruegel – Once in a lifetime

October 15, 2018

Exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum: 450th anniversary of Dutch grand artist

Bruegel – Once in a lifetime

When: October 2 – January 13
Where: Kunsthistorisches Museum 
Entry: €20

Bruegel, ‘the Elder’ as he was known, was a 16th century Dutch artist who arrived at a time of much socio–political and economic change in Europe. His drawings reflect the effect these massive changes had on normal day to day society in an almost cheeky and humorous way, while also highlighting the hardship of social conditions in a dark comedic, almost tragic, way.

With paintings as old as 450 years, it’s obvious that the fragile inventory rarely travels, so this makes it a very unique occasion to visit all these masterpieces in one place. The queues that formed up in the days following the opening prove that locals and tourists alike are eager to see Bruegel’s first ever major monograph exhibition.

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