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Bock auf Kultur

October 13, 2017

Seeing a performance
of local artists
while helping refugees

Seeing a performance of local artists, while helping refugees

Bock auf Kultur

When: ongoing, until December 21 (Check the program, here)
Where: various locations (Check the program, here)
Entry: Free! Donations are expected!

Bock auf Kultur is an ongoing project initiated by the Ute Bock refugee project in 2003. Every autumn, Austrian artists and creatives come together and perform for free in various locations of Vienna. They are doing this to reach a wide audience to which they can increase the awareness of the difficult situation of refugees in Vienna, and to raise money to help their cause. Go to their website and check out the upcoming events as the Bock of Kultur event series will take place until December 21. Help people in need, and you will get something in return.

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