Bock auf ein Schnäppchen - Vienna Würstelstand

Bock auf ein Schnäppchen

June 6, 2019

Shop at this flea market to support charity

Bock auf ein Schnäppchen

When: FRI, June 14, 2pm–8pm
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: free!

The only thing better than shopping at a flea market is knowing that all the proceeds from your little binge will be going to an organisation that supports refugees. Shopping for a good cause – what else could you want? Well, you could want a toothpick holder in the shape of a dog dressed as a princess. But, you probably won’t find one since we found the only one in the world at the last flea market!

Recommended if you like: shopping at flea markets, knowing that the proceeds of your shopping will be going to a good cause, helping other people when they need it, finding old treasures, the smell of old things, fluc + fluc wanne

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