Bier Club // Scandinavian & Baltic Beers - Vienna Würstelstand

Bier Club // Scandinavian & Baltic Beers

January 26, 2018

Bier Club //
Scandinavian &
Baltic Beers

Free beer tasting!

Bier Club // Scandinavian & Baltic Beers

When: MON, January 29, 7–8pm
Where: Brickmaker’s Pub & Kitchen
Entry: free!

The Brickmaker’s beer tasting sessions are back in business and they’ll be kicking things off this Monday with a selection of Scandinavian and Baltic beers – sounds like a match made in heaven… when it comes to beer and human love… if you know what we mean… cause we don’t. Anyway, you don’t have to pay a cent for the tasting, however, we’re sure you’ll be tempted to sit down and have a pint of some craft beer brew. Beginners and experienced craft beer connoisseurs are all welcome.

Recommended if you like: beer, tasting beer like it’s wine, the smell of hops, trying to brew your own beer in the cellar of your apartment building while you hope the landlord never finds out, hanging out in bars

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