Beton - Vienna's Urban Explorers - Vienna Würstelstand

Beton – Vienna’s Urban Explorers

September 6, 2019

Beton -
Vienna's Urban

The city like you’ve never seen it before

Beton – Vienna’s Urban Explorers

When: WED–FRI, between the 5th and the 20th September, 2pm–7pm
Where: Oxymoron Galerie
Entry: Free!

Vienna’s bravest Urban Explorers (URBEX) who climb the highest buildings and shoot the craziest angles of this much photographed town can be all admired at a great new exhibition being hosted by the gallery space in the 7th district, Oxymoron.

@v.for.vertigo, @deineoide @die78er @fabolus_vienna and @virbex are not just awesome Instagram accounts you should follow asap, but they’re also very talented photographers that are pros at showing you the city from perspectives you’ve probably never seen before. Check them all out at this sweet lil’ exhibition.

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