Be(er) My Valentine - Vienna Würstelstand

Be(er) My Valentine

January 30, 2020

Express your love in a special, beer-kinda’ way

Be(er) My Valentine

When: FRI, February 14, 4pm–10pm
Where: Hawidere
Entry: Free!

Nothing – not even flowers or a box of chocolates – say ‘I love you better’ than (special) beer, don’t you agree? At least folk from the Hawidere seem to think so. So for Valentine’s Day, they’re inviting all those lovers (and singles, of course) to feast on some food and craft beer this Thursday. In the name of love, of course. If you think that your lovely lady, or handsome gentleman, is into this kinda’ thing, book yourself a table and you’re good to go.

Recommended if you like: unique romantic evenings, speaking in craft beer terminology, craft beer, beer foam moustaches, a mokey stout or a fruity pale ale, making love with beer bellies

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