Balaton Sound 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

Balaton Sound 2019

June 1, 2019

5 days in a party heaven!

Balaton Sound 2019

When: WED–SUN, July 3−7
Where: Balaton in Hungary
Entry: 245€ for a 5-day festival pass, 72€ for a day ticket, buy a ticket

With a line-up including the likes of The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Sean Paul, and Tiesto, it looks like the place to party is with our lovely neighbours, the Hungarians, this summer at the Balaton Sound Festival. And trust us when we tell you, they know how to party like no one else! With this 5-day festival, the Platensee aka. Lake Balaton will transform into the definition of what is known in America as Spring Break! Accommodation will be possible inside the festival, but with so many great artists and so many beach clubs joining in on the party, we think it will be rather hard not to be kicking, screaming and dancing with joy even when you think you’re too tired to keep going! Think we are overhyping this event? Take a look at the full line-up, and watch their aftermath video from 2018:

To get there you will need to… get to Budapest first, but after reaching Budapest, make sure to get to the airport and look for the Balaton Sound Transfer, aka. the shuttle service of the festival.

This festival is special because… it is an international party that will open itself to people with only one thing in common: the want to have a raving good time. It also takes place in a very small town, which we think is cool ’cause in 5 days the town’s population will double and even triple in size!

Recommended if you like: Camping among travelers, party 24/7, waking up wondering where all this glitter came from, being a grown man playing with water guns to impress women, throwing water balloons to men just because, having nothing to lose, taking your deep house electro seriously, catching big name DJ names, all kinds of music genres in one place, having the insides of your ear licked, electro music, dedicated your youth the the part-ay

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