Architektur.Film.Sommer 2019: Ökologie - Vienna Würstelstand

Architektur.Film.Sommer 2019: Ökologie

August 8, 2019

2019: Ökologie

A film evening for people interested in ecology

Architektur.Film.Sommer 2019: Ökologie

When: WED, August 14, 8:30pm–11:30pm
Where: Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien
Entry: free!

This Wednesday, the Architekturzentrum Wien will be hosting a free movie night for all lovers of architecture as part of their annual summer movie event series. The topic of the evening will be ‘ecology’, and films being screened will show mangrove forests from Cambodia, a fight against a titanium mine on the South African Wild Coast, and different plastic materials. Also, it will be the perfect place to discuss all your favourite architectural topics among like-minded people.

Recommended if you like: analysing things, long discussions about urbanisation projects, travel stories, getting a glimpse of other people’s lifestyles, living on the road

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