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Animace|Animácia: reanimated

September 3, 2020


Check out these creative and cool animated films

Animace|Animácia: reanimated

When: MON–SUN, September 3–October 19
Where: Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Entry: varies, check the event page for details

If you’ve never seen some classic Czechoslovak, Czech, or Slovak cinematography, than from September to October, you’ll have the chance to go back in time at the Austrian Film Museum, where surrealistic puppet stories and animated films from these regions will be screened.

This means you’ll get to experience screenings of the past age that have inspired the works of Hollywood’s finest oddballs, like Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, and the Brothers Quay. For the complete program of the films, head on to and reserve your tickets while you’re at it!

Recommended if you like: reading classics, stories from afar, red velvet seats, foreign film festivals, movies with subtitles, flip-books and watching animations as a kid, watching behind the scenes videos from old DVDs 

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